[dorkbotparis] Exceptionnel! Atelier MISS BALTAZAR'S LABORATORY mardi 10 juillet, La Générale

Exceptionnel! Dorkbot Paris reçoit MISS BALTAZAR'S LABORATORY, l'atelier féministe d'électronique de Vienne le mardi 10 juillet!

Ouvert à toutes celles qui se définissent comme femmes ou trans, débutantes bienvenues. 10 places seulement, 5 Euros pour frais de matériel.

Infos pratiques - lien ci-dessous.

In this art-technology workshop, digital artist Stefanie Wuschitz (Vienna)

playfully demystifies technology, opening up an atmosphere where learning new technological tools is fearless, interesting and clear for creative women and trans.

Using  a grab bag of materials ranging from graphite, wood and conductive

fabric to loudspeakers, microcontrollers and sensors, participants learn to create

simple systems for interactive art, merging both digital and analog materials in fluid and poetic ways.

We do this by starting the workshop with several simple circuits that can be quickly built and realized with little knowledge of the technology.
As students begin to understand how these systems work, they can then comfortably move forward,
learning at their own pace to introduce microcontrollers  for more complex interactive systems that link together materials such as fabric, speakers, lights and video.

While participants are free to explore the new tools and technologies at their own pace,
Stefanie encourage them to ask many questions and share their knowledge with other workshop participants.

This approach fosters the kind of collaborative environment necessary for continued learning beyond our limited workshop time.

10 participants max. so register quickly!

Contribution for materials

5 EUR per person

Registration, email Stefanie directly at


Time and place

La Générale
Tuesday july 10th

10h - 17h


please bring a computer with you and download the Arduino software from:


No previous experience or tech-skills required